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What is a Debt Collection Agency

By In Blog On November 28, 2016

Debt Collections Vietnam

Most creditors have no knowledge that there are institutions they can run to for help in order to gain what they are owed. Due to a saturation of fly-by-night debt collection agents and agencies in the market, creditors are often also sceptical in hiring one to handle their case.

A debt collection agency is an institution staffed by an in-house legal team and specialists intensively trained to process cases of debt collection of all severity. From serving a demand letter to negotiating with a debtor, a debt collection agency is a company that is in the business in regaining what a creditor through ethical, efficient and legal means only.

An earnest debt collection agency implores only legal and efficient methodologies in debt recovery, armed with industry leading expertise and intensive training, our debt collectors are trained to represent you in the best light possible. It is our dedication to supreme and efficient services that has made us one of the best debt collection agencies in Vietnam and the world.  

If you want to know more about our practice as one of the leading debt collection agencies in Vietnam, keep reading the entry below as we recount some of our tried and tested steps just for you.

Professional representation and customer relations

What sets us apart from other debt collection agencies is the importance we put into professional and respectable representation of the creditors we work with. Our team is trained to provide the best customer relations experience every single time.

We do not cut corners and compromise our client’s reputation for the sake of profit. We know that the best way to gain the trust of a reluctant debtor is by amicable negotiation. This is one of the best tools we have in our arsenal that makes us the best at what we do.

Debt Collection Specialists you can trust

We do not deploy a debt collection specialist to a case if they do not pass our rigorous examination. Once you sign up with us, we assigned a competent and experienced debt collection specialist who can handle all aspects of your case with utmost professionalism and specialization.

They are also under the tutelage of our seasoned in-house legal team who knows the inner workings of the local governing laws of Vietnam regarding matters concerning debt collection. We do not resort to unethical methods just for the sake of profit. Our team has adequate training, knowledge and experience in handling cases of all severity – from start to finish.

Our debt collection specialists are trained to handle your case in the most efficient way possible. We know the importance of reclaiming your money at the soonest possible time. Oftentimes, hiring a debt collection agency is a last resort to a creditor and that means they have already exhausted a good amount of resource to resolve the issue. We do not want to prolong the case for you that is why we craft a strategy that is unique to your case as soon as we get all the pertinent details we need.

We don’t get paid unless you do

We are in the business of getting back what you are owed at the soonest possible time and we do not get paid unless you do. We are dedicated in finding a solution to your case as soon as we can and we will not charge astronomical fees if we don’t. If you want to know more about our fees, do not hesitate to reach out to any of debt collection specialists so we can discuss the best workaround for you.

On top of our industry leading practices and methodologies, we are also a business that is built on principle. We will not put our reputation at stake just to make an extra buck. We want to give you what you are rightfully owed and that is what sets us apart from our competitors. We find a solution designed just for you.